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Building regulations applications are a fundamental process to any building project. If your proposed project involves structural alterations and the alteration of internal partition walls in within a commercial property, then it is likely that you will require a building regulations application before works can start on site.

If your are taking up and renewing 25% of a roof covering you are now also required to submit a building regulation application, and will be required to increase the thermal performance to current building regulations standards.

Building Regulations Applications
Base Building Consultancy can prepare building regulations applications for building regulation approval to the local authority building control department or any approved inspector. We are fully versed in the current approved documents under the Building Act 1984.

If necessary, Base Building Consultancy, can prepare proposed scale drawings of the proposed development or project fully annotated with detailed information in order to achieve building regulation approval without long delays.

With residential projects, building regulation approval can be dealt with by a full plans application, prior to the works starting on site or by serving a Building Notice 48 Hours prior to the works starting.

Works to commercial, retail, or industrial properties are required to have full plans application made to the local authority prior to any works starting on site.