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Base Building Consultancy were instructed to act on behalf of the Landlord in preparing terminal schedules of dilapidation’s on various office suites within a large occupied commercial building in Whitechapel.

Base Building Consultancy reviewed the lease and licences to alter in relation to each of the demised premises in order to identify the relevant lease covenants and the Tenant’s obligations under the lease.

Base Building Consultancy then visited the each of the demised premises, taking notes and photographs of all defects and wants of repair in relation to the leases for each of the respective leaseholders.  Following the inspection, terminal schedule’s of dilapidation’s reports were prepared and issued to the Client upon completion.

Base Building Consultancy has vast experience in dealing with dilapidation scheduling and serving final, terminal and interim schedules of dilapidation’s.  All dilapidation matters are dealt with under the Civil Procedure Protocols.  We can act on behalf of a landlord in order to prepare a dilapidation’s claim at the end of a lease term or alternatively help fight a dilapidation’s claim on behalf of a tenant.

Lease clauses will be carefully examined and assessed prior to any inspection, and the appointed surveyor will seek to obtain all necessary information, including any licence agreements, lease plans and schedules of conditions.  Your chosen legal advisor will also be consulted on if any of the repair obligation clauses are weak.

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